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Thailand is the travel hub of south East Asia. Most people coming to visit south EastAsia make Bangkok their base. Thailand has lush jungles, famed beaches, a good infrastructure, amazing food and most of all friendly and cheap prices. Everything is so convenient and easy. The country speaks for itself. Whenever you hear about the name, you think of beaches, beauty, jungles and food. You can divide your time and accordingly visit these 5 places.


Bangkok is known for its chaotic, crowded streets, cheap prices, wild nightlife and never ending traffic. Most travellers love it. The city reveals its secret life to those who are bold and are willing to explore. The city is full of activities, friends, food, drinks and life. There is a flow to it. Once you spend some time here, you will come to know.


One of Thailand’s 2 ancient cities. Ayutthaya is an UNESCO heritage site. It is just 80 km outside Bangkok here. You can find the oldest and the biggest Buddhas here. 


This is an ancient city that was founded in 1238. It is around 400 kms from Bangkok. The sunset at Sukothai is worth watching and definitely well worth the trip. 

Hill Tribes

If you love trekking, then hill tribes of north will be definitely a fascinating point for you. The remote northern villages are a very fantastic trekking ground that you will love to explore.

Chiang Mai 

A lovely northern city with beautiful buildings and great night markets. You can take an overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. It will be loads of fun. There is a lot to see in and around Chiang Mai such as fantastic night markets, nearby temples, zoo and a 3D art museum.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai province is a three hour run by road from Chiang Mai. You can find the famous and stunningly beautiful “White temple” Wat Rong Khun. Chiang Rai should be in your must do list if you have time. 


Slow life on the river, the bridge on the river kwai, museums, safari park, waterfalls and that tiger temple. There is public transport available from Bangkok.

Beeches and Islands

The three main islands of Chumphon Archipelago are on the west shore of Gulf of Thailand. These are Ko Samui, Ko Phangan and Ko Thao.

Ko Samui

You can either fly in or take the ferry. The island is very popular with tourists and the level of Development shows this.

Ko Phangan

This Island hosts full moon parties; the Haad salad beach is so nice. Bottle beach to the north is known for seclusion.

Ko Tao

This is very popular for diving. If you love diving, this is a must visit.

Ko Samet or Ko Samed

This is another very pleasant island close to Bangkok. A mini bus ride or a short ferry ride will get you there.


This is one place that is hugely popular with holiday makers. It can be rightly called a dream exotic holiday destination. It lies to the south west of Thailand and near to other dream holiday destinations such as Krabi and Ko Phi Phi. The highlights of Phuket are its markets, museums and the old town. Chillva market and the old town night markets are particularly favorites.