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Spanish Bull Fighting

If you are visiting Europe, you must visit Spain and if you are visiting Spain, you just can’t miss out the bull fight. Spanish style bull fighting is called corrida de toros (literally a “running of the bulls”) tauromaquia or fiesta and is practiced in Spain. Bullfighting in Spain dates its origin to 711 AD. It is said that the first bull fight was organized to mark the coronation of King Alfonso viii. 

As is eating tapas, drinking sangria and watching flamenco are popular in Spain, so is watching a bull fight. 

Though there is a strong opposition to holding continuing bull fight events annually in Spain, but still the events are still held at selected places and they are popular. Madrid and Andalusia hold bull events annually and the stadiums are packed to the capacity, by both curious tourists and diehard fans.

Booking tickets online can be a pain for you. You can go in for a private gastronomic tour of Madrid. Your local guide is the best person to take you to place of bull fight. You guided visit to the biggest bull ring of Spain, Las Ventas will be included in the itinerary.  

  • Private guide for a more personalized experience 
  • Good Value for money 
  • All-inclusive 
  • Led By a local guide

What You Can Expect

Learn more about the bullfights. It is an important part of the culture. Apart from getting acquainted with local traditions, you can also get introduced to the biggest bullring in Spain, Las Ventas. 

You may also find out that the surrounding areas of bullring are famous for the typical taverns and they specialize in products related to bull’s meat. You can meet your local guide sitting at your hotel and he may eventually help you to make your way to metro, and then finally to the bullring of Las Ventas. Also if you are fond of delicious cuisines, you may jump onto one of the many taverns, surrounding the bullring to start with one of the famous dishes – bull tail. You can again take the help of the metro to explore the city in gastro-historical style.  

You can just see how the taverns differ greatly from one another. They start varying from a local atmosphere to a modern vibe. Hit the markets, groceries or any other place that may hit your senses. You can enjoy the typical beverage, beer, wine etc. that are so famous all over the world. Do have a taste of that special Spanish Wine to rejuvenate your senses. The private tours are really a great way to learn experience the local culture in a unique way. They focus on ensuring the proximity of the guides to the visitors. A traveller may have a lot of physical urge to see places and an intellectual urge to know things. A private tour is hence a most recommended one, when in Spain if you want to enjoy a bullfight. Don’t just miss the bullfight; see it with your own eyes to enjoy it.