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For Travelers who loves to visit different places, New Zealand is both a dream destination and once-in-a-lifetime place to visit. If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, to see more of this beautiful and wild country, you would surely like to know, which places are at the top and are must see. New Zealand as a country has lots and lots to offer, however I am trying to give you a list of 10 places in the country, which you will definitely love to see and enjoy when you are in this magnificent land.

Bay of Islands:

This is one of the best places to go for shipping, fishing and other water sports. It is about three hours by road from Auckland. This gorgeous region is made up of 144 islands between cape Brett and Purerua Peninsula. There is a lot to do in Bay Of Islands. Scuba diving is a favorite activity. You can go far into the bay to explore a whole new underworld world. You can view Dolphins and Whales from the boat, and if conditions allow, swim with wild Dolphins. Don’t leave the bay islands without seeing the hole in the rock. This is an opening in the rock formation that you can sail through when the tide is right.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound was designated as 8th wonder of the world by Rudyard Kipling. Formed by Glaciers during the Ice Age, the landscape around Milford Sound still bears evidence of its creation in the form of epic scenery. Cliffs rise from fjords crowned by mountains and waterfalls. You may take sightseeing cruise on the fjord to see waterfalls and wildlife such as penguins and dolphins. You can think of seeing and exploring underwater with a visit to Milford discovery center and underwater discovery. You can go more than 30 feet deep and have a 360 degrees look of the underwater environment.


It is definitely one of the best places to see in New Zealand. Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. It has been named one among the top ten cities in the world for visiting by the Lonely Planet. Here are some of the activities that you can resort to in Auckland.

Visit Auckland Art Gallery. It is the largest art institution in New Zealand featuring more than 15000 works of historic, modern and contemporary art.

The city is home to a host of multicultural bar and restaurant. You can spend time in some of them. You can even try Auckland Bridge climb and the bungee jump.

You may even book an Auckland City Tour or a Sailing Experience on the harbor.

Waiheke Island

You can reach the place by 30 minutes boating from downtown Auckland. It is one of the best places to go in for wine lovers. It is home to a lot of vineyards. You can book a special meal at the Vineyard Restaurant. It is a gorgeous eatery with sprawling views of the Vineyard and the sea. The place is also famous for its Vibrant Art Community, beaches, forests and Olive groves. You can book culture tour, scenic flight or hiking up. Waiheke Island is definitely the best place to go in New Zealand.


Christchurch is certainly a very good place to visit. Christchurch Botanic Gardens, a sprawling network of conservatories, walking tracks and horticultural displays is one of the major attractions. The park also features some of the largest, tallest and oldest trees. You can have a mesmerizing view of Christchurch from above with a journey on the Christchurch Gondola. The cable car lifts you on the top of Mt. Cavendish.

White Island