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Turkey is one of the ancient places in the world with the connection from ancient Greece, Persia, and Rome, though it is much more than its cliched image of where east meets west. Turkey’s biggest city Istanbul has the flavor of both ancient and modern culture. Beach towns near the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts attract the tourists to resort. World’s best archaeological sites to the unforgettable desert landscape, combined with innovative cuisines,maze-like bazaars, and friendly people -Turkey has everything for everyone.

Istanbul is Turkey’s biggest city. It is the only city on earth with one shore in Asia and one in Europe. Istanbul is both conservative and also freewheeling with its vibrant nightlife and prominent Mosque. The perfect blend of the old and new layer makes this complex city a Turkish delight. This city is where the Islamic world meets the global order acting as a bridge between Europe and outer Asia. Istanbul calls itself ‘Europe’s coolest city.’It can be in tune with the future precisely because it’s so rich in the heritage of the past and such seasoned wisdom about the cycles of culture and history.

The ideal time to visit:

The best time to visit is the spring or the autumn, from April through May and September. The summers here are hot and sticky and the winters are gray and drizzly.

Festivals to celebrate:

During Ramadan,there are public Iftars, though it’s not unusual for people to eat and drink on the street.Istanbul Music Festival and the Istanbul Jazz Festival during summer offer outdoor concerts throughout the city.