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Turkey is called as the bridge between east and the west. Turkey is a transcontinental Eurasian country. Turkey is encircled by seas on three sides. The Aegean Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Tourism in Turkey is an important component of the history. It is the 6th most popular tourism destination in the world. Turkey has a robust infrastructure and a good transport system to support a modern tourism industry. I am listing a few places of interest in Turkey.


This is a popular spot among the Arabic travellers. This is situated in the north east Black Sea region. Over the years, the lake, the surrounding valley and the village have turned into a famous tourist destination. The area is famous for its eye catching natural scenery. Located in a valley between high rising mountains, the lake and the village are so eye catching. The tourism boom in recent years has led to growth of a number of hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. The place is located at a distance of 99 km from Trabzon’s city center and 19 km from Caykara’s district center.