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Baku is the biggest city and also the capital city of Azerbaijan. It is located 28 meters below the sea level, which makes it the lowest lying national capital in the world. It takes 3 hours flight time from Moscow to reach the Azeri capital. Baku is a very important tourist destination. It has many important tourist and entertainment spots.
First Impressions of Baku
Baku is a giant mix of cultures. The country of Azerbaijan lies at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Middle East and the influence of all the three regions can be seen on the culture of the country, especially when it comes to Cosine, religion etc. Baku is combination of both Old and New. It is a culmination point of Modern and Traditional ways of living. You can get a traditional feeling while you visit the ancient old city, which is surrounded by massive brick walls on both sides. There is a ultra-modern look to the city as well, with modern skyline. Lots of oil money have contributed to the fast growing economy and has changed the face of the city. 
The food is fantastic – lots of kebabs, tea, vegetables, meat and flat bread. You will love it when you are in Baku. 
What to do in Baku?
Baku is often considered as “Mini Dubai” in regards to all the tourist attractions around the town. 
Walking around the old city – The old city is really charming and full of attractions. Go around the city and I am sure that you will just love walking along the cobblestone streets, narrow winding alleys, boutique houses, and tons of local shops, cafes and restaurants. You will have a memorable and a refreshing feeling which can’t be described in words.

Go up the flame towers – These are the iconic structures and can be rightly called some of the most modern and amazing buildings of the Caucasus region. There are three buildings that are identical in size and appearance. You may take a cable car up the mountain to the base of the towers, and then pay a fee to go up the observatory deck. The view is just so amazing and memorable.