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Honeymoon planning is often fun. Today, with the development of technology and transportation

means, going places is not a big problem anymore. It depends on what you partner wants to

experience. It may be snowcapped ski resorts, city escapes, valley getaways or sun soaked

beaches. It can also be one of those heart pounding activities, fragrant wineries or indulgent spas.

There are numerous honeymoon destinations across this beautiful planet. I am herewith listing

some of the unique locales and the luxurious hotels that accompany them. So get ready to

experience some serious wanderlust.

1) Andermatt, Switzerland

The Destination:

Located in scenic Urseren valley, the Andermatt village is home to captivating views of Swiss

Alps and the breathtaking Schollenen Gorge. This is an ideal destination for a couple looking for

some Cozy Retreat and Ski lovers. You can even loiter in the cobblestone streets of the historic

town center and marvel at chalets. The sleepy town is charming.

Where to Stay: The Chedi Andermatt

Rates: $500 per night

Experience romance at its finest at Switzerland’s newest alpine resort, The Chedi Andermatt.

There is a couple’s retreat package that you can avail of. Enjoy stay at a deluxe suite, a four

course dinner, and signature spa treatments with champagne on the house.

2) Highlands, Scotland

The Destination

You can find green rolling hills meet rocky cliffsides and mysteriously beautiful lakes in the

world famous Scottish highlands. Here, the honeymooners can escape the rest of the world. You

can indulge in hiking biking and exploring the wide open land. While staying at the highlands

take a road trip between the quaint villages and make sure to stop at the Lochs along the way.