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China offers many spectacular destinations, where you can spend some quality vacation. China is a vast country which encompasses grassland, desert, mountains, lakes and more than 14,000 km of coastline. China is one country where you can enjoy the bliss of natural places as well you can have a look around at the energetic modern cities such as Shanghai. Revelers across the globe flock to China to rejuvenate them and believe me, it all comes at a handy budget.

Beijing – Ancient and modern capital

Beijing boasts of a 700 year old history. There are palaces and super modern buildings.

Most recommended attractions: the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, temple of heaven, the bird’s nest

Days Suggested: 2-4 days

Beijing is easily accessible by air from every country in the globe. High speed trains in China are very popular and you can have a ride on them. Beijing offers a 144-hour transit visa – free policy for travellers from 53 countries.


Xi’an – A window to China’s ancient past

Xi’an is blessed with a great number of precious relics and historical sites. It was the capital of United China in 221 BC.

It was the starting point of Silk Road.

Xi’an offers a 72- hour transit visa-free policy

Major Attractions: Visiting the terracotta army, enjoy the feeling of cycling on the ancient city wall, try some delicious snacks at the Muslim quarter.

Days Suggested: 1-3 days

Shanghai – The jewel of modern China

Shanghai, the biggest city of China, and is the face of modern China with its economic growth and prosperity. Shanghai is one of the leading business cities of the world. The skyline of Shanghai speaks of its modernity.

Recommended places: the Bund, Yu Garden, Zhujiajiao water town, Disneyland Park, Shanghai world financial center Experience the world’s fastest train.

Days suggested: 1-3 days.

Shanghai has a 144 hour travel visa free policy.

Gulin – China’s beautiful landscape

Gulin, with its marvelous limestone scenery, is renowned as one of the most beautiful places on earth.
Recommended places: the Li river, Yangshuo, Longji Terraced fields, the two rivers and the four lakes

Days suggested: 1-4 days

Gulin is west of Hong Kong and can be reached easily by air from Hong Kong in an hour. A tour of Hong Kong can be combined with that of Gulin. Gulin is 72hour visa free for 51 countries and 144 hour visa free for 10 ASEAN countries.

Hong Kong – Known for its fairy tale charm

Hong Kong can boast of a mixed culture. Remnants of colonial past, the British culture shares dais with Chinese tradition. It is world famous shopping place and has a tourist friendly population.

Major attractions: Victoria peak, victoria harbor, Disney land

Days suggested 1-3 days

The huge shopping malls of central and admiralty and the street fashion factory in causeway bay are reasons for travellers to make Hong Kong trips. 

Hangzhou – Next place to heaven

Marco Polo had once described Hangzhou as the most beautiful city on earth. The heavenly beauty of Hangzhou attracts thousands of travelers. 

Major attractions: West Lake, Lingyin Temple, National Tea Museum, Wuzhen water town

It has 144 hour visa free policy. There are convenient high speed trains to and from Shanghai.
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Chengdu – Home to some Giant Pandas

If you are a wild life lover, the best place to catch a glimpse of your favorite pandas is perhaps Chengdu. It is also famous for delicious Sichuan food like Kungpao chicken and spicy hotpot. 

Major attractionsDujiangyan Panda valley, Chengdu giant Panda breeding and research center, Leshan giant Buddha, JinliOld Street

Days suggested: 1-4

Chengdu has a 72 hour visa free policy

Huangshan – A place that boasts of majestic beauty

It is a place steeped in natural landscapes and history. You will be surprised to find peculiarly shaped rocks and pines on yellow mountains. You can appreciate the ancient – styled dwellings in Xidi and Hongcun villages. While yellow mountains will give you a stunning view, the ancient villages presents a China’s elegance and tranquility with well-preserved folk houses and flowing river.

Major attractions: The yellow mountains, Xidi village, Hongcun village

Lhasa – The gateway to Tibet

“Lhasa” is Tibetan for “place of Gods” and is revered as such. It is the capital of Tibet and is the center of Tibetan cultural and religious life. Just outside the city you can find Tibet’s wealth of natural wonders and holy sites, from LakeNamtso to Mt. Everest to Mount Kailash.

Major Attractions: Potola Palace, Jokhang temple, Mount Everest, Barkhor street, Sera Monastery, Yamdrok Lake

Suzhou – Water Towns and Gardens

Suzhou is famous for water towns around it and traditional Chinese gardens. The gardens harmoniously mix man made landscapes with natural beauty. China’s water towns hold the image of traditional Chinese villages. Architecture, painting, calligraphy and horticulture are combined and enclosed like pearls by walls.

Major Attractions: Humble administrator’s garden, Lingering garden, Tongli ancient town, the Grand Canal

Suzhou is 30 minutes by high speed train from Shanghai and 5 hours from Beijing.