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Eastern Europe has gained a lot of interest as a popular tourist destination, since the beginning of 21st century. It has all the elements that can mesmerize and produce an everlasting effect on the human mind that seeks a little pleasure and relaxation from the boredom of everyday life. I am giving you an insight into the three most revered places of Eastern Europe that has the reputation of a great tourist destination.


Budapest is a beautiful city in the heart of Eastern Europe. It is the capital city of Hungary. It stands bisected by the river Danube. Budapest has more than 80 geothermal springs, which attracts visitors from far and wide. There are numerous places of interest, in this city.  Hungarian National Museum may be the best place to begin the trip with. You enlighten yourself with important collections of historical artifacts and also beautiful art work. 13th century Royal Palace is now home to the castle Museum, the national Szechenyi Library and the Hungarian National Gallery. Basilica of St. Stephen is another very interesting place of interest. You may have a beautiful view of the entire city from the top of its Dome. The stunning great Synagogue built in Romantic and Moorish style and the Jewish quarter of the city, bears testimony to the fact that there lived a great number of Jews in the city once upon a time. The shoes on Danube memorial which was built to commemorate the murder of a great number of citizens is a must see. Then there is Memento Park, which has some statues of Lenin and Karl Marx to revive the memories of socialist past. The house of terror or the headquarters of the secret police during the communist rule is also a must see. The building features reconstructed prison cells and rooms. Thus Budapest has all the elements that will spice up your trip and plant deep memories in your mind for the time to come.

Image source: visitacity


Vienna is definitely one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and in fact a historical city too, that has given the world some of its greatest composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. Beautiful imperial palaces such as Schonbrunn and the Habsburgs summer residence are places that you can’t miss.  This beautiful city is also situated on the bank of River Danube. Some of the must see places in Vienna are

  1. Wiener Rathaus: It is the town hall as well as the seat of Government for the state of Vienna.

  1. Graben: It is one of the important streets of Central Vienna with upscale shopping promenade.

  1. St. Stephen’s Cathedral : The 12th century cathedral contains precious works of ART.

  1. Burggarten: It used to be the court garden for the Hapsburg rulers.

  1. Belvedere Complex : It is an integral part of Vienna’s historic scene consisting of several palaces and an Orangery dating back to 17th Century.

  1. Hofburg Imperial Palace: Built in 13th Century, it is home to the current Austrian President and also houses a museum. It has been home to some of Europe’s most powerful royalties.


This beautiful capital city of Prague city is bifurcated by the Vltava River. The city is nicknamed as “the city of hundred spires”. Though it is a bustling city it has a long history. The history of Prague dates back to 870 AD. Prague has a reputation of survival and perseverance that makes the place so fascinating. The storied churches, the narrow streets, daunting hilltop castle and the statue – lined bridges all makes Prague a fairy tale land. You simply can’t resist the city’s charms.

If you are seeking awe-inspiring experiences at affordable prices, then surely Prague is the place to be. Top attractions such as the famous Charles Bridge and the historic Prague Castle will offer you a free admission. Even the hotel accommodation rates are a fraction compared to other European cities. If you are planning a really great holiday to rejuvenate your nerve cells, now is the best time to do so.

image source: pixabay