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Tomatina is probably one of the craziest and fun filled festival celebrated in Spain. You get to know the cheerful and full of life nature of the Spanish people. If you plan to visit Europe on a leisure trip, just don’t miss out this wonderful, lively and fun filled festival. This festival is held in the Valencian town of Bunol. It is located east of Spain, nearly 30 kilometers from the Mediterranean. Since 1945, it is held on the last Wednesday of August. The participants throw tomatoes and get involved with each other. 

What exactly happens and how the festival starts?

People dress up in clothes that they are never going to wear again, and wait for a signal, the firing of the water cannon. No sooner the signal is given, the enthusiastic participants starts throwing heaps of tomatoes at each other. You can see large trucks of people passing through a crimson planet of people and spew tomatoes on the crowd.

What is the duration of the fun?

The festival generally lasts an hour. However in that short span of one hour, you can see a sea a of tomato ketchup brimming up the alleys of Bunol. A siren signals the end of tomato fight. Even after the fight stops, the celebration goes on for 3-4 hours. It is an occasion more than just tomato fight. Actually this is another reason to dance and binge on some indecent, yet socially acceptable amounts of Sangria.


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What Happens next?

The four streets of Bunol, which constitutes the La Tomatino circuits, are hosed by the government trucks and the local residents after the terrific battle of tomatoes. On your way back some; you may come across some kind sent Locals with some hosepipes to clean oneself. Else you may have to queue up at the station shower.


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Are there proper rule books for the game?

  • As with other games, you have some rules to be followed and obeyed.
  • 0nly tomatoes can be used
  • No bottles or hard objects can be carried
  • Ripping off participant’s clothes may not be considered kindly
  • Squash the tomatoes before you throw
  • After the second siren, tomatoes can’t be thrown any longer
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Some tips to enjoy a cool Tomatino

  • Always wear clothes that you are not going to wear again.
  • You need to wash yourself after the game, else you will not be allowed to board a bus or a train.
  • Wearing goggles may give you a certain kind of protection.
  • Though there is no restriction on photography, but still it would be better, if a water-protected camera is used.
  • Use shoes that has strong grip
  • To find a good spot for yourself, show up early
  • The festival commences with ‘Palojabon’. It is a greasy pole with a pork-ham perched on its top. The festival commences after someone braves to climb the pole and grab the prosciutto.
  • Never bring anything expensive

There have been numerous arguments against Tomatino festival. Some say, it is colossal waste of food, others argue about the acid in tomato that is not good for health and yet others believe that it is insane. Yes it is insane……but that’s what fun is!!!!

If you want to be a part of this madness, then c’mon explore the fun and adventure  of La Tomatino with our package.