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New York can be classified as the most cosmopolitan city on Earth. The city is full of life and

vigor. The city is home to 8.5 million people. There is so much to see and do that a normal 4-5

day visit is certainly not enough to discover the city. The city is home to thousands of

restaurants, hundreds of museums, attractions, plays and quirky things to do. However, I am

trying to give a highlight of major attractions that you can see and enjoy in your short trip to

New York.

Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island

You have to take a ferry from Battery Park to reach the venue. The statue of Liberty is

spectacular to see up close. You can also visit the Ellis Island, where you can learn about the

immigrant experience and know about people who helped build New York City. You will be

definitely be impressed by the great sense of history. If the line for ferry at Battery park is too

long you can take the free Staten Island ferry for photos of the statue and the harbor.

Times Square

Times Square is always packed with people. There are pedestrian areas where you can sit and

hang around. There are plenty of restaurants, shopping areas and shows. It is fabulous place to

watch for a few minutes from the top of the red steps of TKTS Kiosk. Visit Times square in the

evening and you can see the place in its entire splendor. It is a complete different experience that

can’t be put in words. Times Square is a no miss if you happen to be in New York.